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Stay focused in Texas Holdem

Ronald Norris
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Texas Holdem is a difficult game which requires high concentration. It is crucial to stay focused. And many beginners usually forget about it especially when they play online. Of course, sitting at the computer can be boring. In an hour a player starts to switch windows, talk with friends via msn etc. But this is a big mistake.

You should always keep an eye on the table. Moreover, you should observe actions of your opponents and analyze as much as possible. It is all about information in Texas Holdem poker. The more information you have the bigger your chances to win. And everything what is going on at the Texas Holdem table is a source of potentially valuable information. You will use collected information to build your own Texas Holdem strategy and make decisions.

Maximum use of simple decisions

During most hands you won’t have to think much how to play. If you follow one of the first advices (play fewer hands), you already know that you should play only around 15% hands. And it means that you do not see the flop in 85% times. 15% hands you are going to play will be extremely simple.

Just few hands might require your analytical skills. And maybe one or two times in the whole Texas Holdem poker session you will have to make extremely difficult decisions. But you have to be ready for this big call. And you will need to have as much information as possible. I am talking about the Information you were collecting during the Texas Hodem session.

What kind of information?

Basically, you should focus on everything. Every single action of your opponents has to be memorized and analyzed. This information will be a useful hint for you. Just think about your opponent’s recent actions and try to read him.

If you are playing offline Texas Holdem poker focus on behavior of your opponents. Do not miss them saying something. Try to be a part of the Texas Holdem hand even if you have folded already. Memorize every unconventional action of your opponents. Do your opponents tend to compete for big pots? Are they afraid of defeat ? Do they bluff in No-Limit Texas Holdem poker ? Observe and observe once again!

Of course it is impossible to stay focused during 4-5 hours. But anyway try to memorize the most important things. The more information you get the more data you have to analyze and memorize. And you will obviously have good chance to make a right decision when it is needed.

Difficult decisions

When you face a difficult situation and need to make an important decision you should quickly dig in your memory all information about your opponents and the style they use in Texas Holdem poker.

Even small fact is a piece of puzzle. The more pieces you have, the easier it will be to see the whole picture. Information gives you power in Texas Holdem poker. Remember about it! Stay focused, put all your thoughts not related to Texas Holdem poker aside and be the part of the game. Very soon you will understand how important it is to stay focused and gather the information. All Texas Holdem pros do it.

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