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High-Low Split Poker Games

Ronald Norris
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In Texas Holdem, the goal is to create the best possible five-card hand. Poker players are, by turns, both optimistic and pessimistic, so somewhere along the line some would-be clever individual thought it would be neat to play games where you went for the lowest hand possible, with straights and flushes not counting against you. After that, a would-be even cleverer person no doubt thought it would be neater to create games where players could go for the lowest and the highest possible poker hands, with the pot split evenly between the two winners. Thus high-low split poker games was born.

There are three high-low split poker games you can play online: Omaha, Seven-card Stud , and Crazy Pineapple . Each game’s betting rounds proceed exactly as if the game were being played for high only, but at the end of the poker hand, each player makes the best five-card high hand and lowest five-card poker hand they can based on the rules of the game.

•  In Crazy Pineapple poker, you create your high and low hands using any combination of your two remaining hole cards and the five board cards.

•  In Omaha poker, you create your high hand using exactly two of your hole cards and any three cards from the board; then you create your low hand using exactly two of your hole cards and any three cards from the board.

•  In seven-card Stud, you create your high and low hands from the seven cards dealt to you (and a community card, if applicable).

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