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European Poker Tour – EPT

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EPT euro poker tour
Euro Poker Tour

The European Poker Tour (also known as EPT) is the largest annual European poker tournament that began in the beginning of 2004 as a result of terrific worldwide increase in popularity of Texas Holdem. EPT consists of series of broadcasted poker tournaments and is very similar to WPT (World Poker Tour).

During the first three seasons, the most obvious and significant difference between the two poker tours (EPT and WPT) was the size of the buy-in and its effect on the size of the prize pool. The typical buy-in size featured by European Poker Tour was about half the size of the WPT’s buy-in. However, due to increased popularity of the tournament and lack of space in sponsoring casinos the EPT buy-in size was increased to 8,000 Euros ($10,000) in fourth season, which equaled the size of EPT’s and WPT’s buy-ins.

Another significant difference between the two Tours is that EPT’s final table is made up of eight players, while WPT allows just six final table players.

The European Poker Tour is sponsored by PokerStars and exclusively taped by Sunset + Vine for further broadcasting across Europe .

The European Poker Tour was initially created winner of the first Poker Million tournament, John Duthie, who commentates the show together with Colin Murray. The show’s first hostess was Caroline Flack, who was later joined by Natalie Pinkham. The last (fourth) season of the show is hosted by Kara Scott.

The fifth season of Europe ’s richest and most popular poker tournament starts on September 10, 2008 in Barcelona . Season five of the European Poker Tour features eleven events, just as fourth season of the Tour, which involved 11 poker tournaments across Europe . The main event of the fourth season attracted a record number of players (842) and a record prize pool (8,4 million Euros) which made EPT the richest poker tournament ever held outside of Las Vegas . The total size of EPT’s fourth season was 38,2 million Euros with about 6,000 players involved in the Grand Game.

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