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Double or Nothing tournament is a perfect beginning

Ronald Norris
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Today I am going to tell you about one of the most popular type of Sit&Go tournaments. I am talking about Double or Nothing. The rules of this type of Texas Holdem tournament are very simple: you just need to finish in the top half. For example, if there are 10 players you have to be among top five players. In this case your prize will be a doubled buy-in. So, it seems to be very easy tournament, isn’t it? I can say yes and no.

Obviously, it is not so difficult to finish in the top half. But don’t forget that the rake makes your life more difficult. This invisible opponent can make you lose money in the long run. Usually rake is 8-10 % depending on poker room you are playing at. So, let’s say you want to participate in 100 S&G Double or Nothing tournaments with $10+1 buy in. You will have to spend $1 100 in this case. And if you win in 55% of tournaments, you will earn just $100. So , it means that the ROI is approximately 9 %. Your chances to win are 50/50. Therefore you have to win 60 % of tournaments. So, now it doesn’t look as easy as you thought. But don’t give up! Keep in mind that success in poker depends on skills and knowledge. Just use your qualities to win.

I think that Double or Nothing Texas Holdem tournaments are perfect if you wish to practice and improve your play. Double or Nothing is suitable for usage of your theoretical knowledge. You should use the strategy which is described in poker books. Every chip is precious in Double or Nothing therefore you should play very tight. Take into account that blinds go up pretty fast and ante becomes really expensive in 10-15 minutes.

Play only best pocket cards during first hands. Saying best pocket cards I mean the high pairs from 99 to AA and combinations like A-Q). If you have such cards you should play aggressively . But this Texas Holdem strategy should not be used if you have low pairs or connectors. Your chance with such cards is a position. If you are in position and have got a chance to get a new card for free or really cheap – use it! Use opportunities to collect monster combination.

It is great if you double your stake in the very beginning of the game. In such case you have practically won already. But even if you could not do it, don’t give up! Just remember to steal blinds when limits are high.

The average size of winning stake is 3 000 chips. But of course you should take into account amount of chips of your opponents. If one of them has got 8 000 chips, 1 750 chips will be enough for other four players.

You will improve your skills during learning how to win Sit&Go Double or Nothing Texas Holdem tournaments. You should use academic approach (play in position, steal blinds, observe your opponents actions) to win Double or Nothing tournaments,

I think that Double or Nothing tournaments are the perfect beginning for those who want to become a pro of Sit&Go Texas Holdem poker tournaments.

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