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  • Poker sites for us players
  • Poker is the game beloved by millions around the world. This game is extremely popular despite all hurdles set by governments. Unfortunately hurdles arise constantly.

  • Crusade of Fortune – free slot machine
  • Striking, fantastic and sometimes even gloomy free video slot Crusade of Fortune, produced by Net Entertainment, is a perfect slot machine with mythic powers and possibilities. The point is this slot is based on the folk myths, fairy tales and legends of Scandinavia to use their characters in the main slot story line and slots’ [...]

  • Cake poker review
  • Cake Poker was founded in 2006 by the group of professional players. For a long time the poker room belonged to Cake network and was operated by Cake Gaming N.V. But recently the room was acquired by PokerListings.

  • One of the most famous players joined professional team Full Tilt Poker
  • Texas Holdem fans have been expecting durrrr to join a pro team for a while. And it is not surprising. Tom durrrr Dwan is one of the most successful and charismatic players of the present.

  • Hall of Fame 2009 candidates: favorites
  • We started to talk with you about poker Hall of Fame. I introduced you 6 candidates to join this poker society. You know already about outsiders and middle-class favorites. And now it is time to talk about favorites. These guys have very good chances to become members of poker Hall of Fame.

  • Daniel Negreanu tells about WSOPE, his titles and erotic photo-session
  • Famous Texas Holdem poker player Daniel Negreanu had a conversation with a journalist Steven Murphy. They talked about WSOPE (Negreanu finished on the second place), famous naked photo session and Phil Ivey.

  • WSOP November Nine: James Akenhead
  • This guy is not famous in the USA yet. But James Akenhead proved his skills in the United Kingdom and he has got a lot of admirers there. Poker fans from the UK had a big celebration when James Akenhead promoted to the ME WSOP final.

  • Hall of Fame 2009 candidates: middle-class
  • One of my notes was about poker Hall of Fame arranged by Benny Binion. And as I mentioned there are 9 candidates to join this highly-respected society. Today I wish to describe these guys.

  • Hall of Fame 2009 candidates: outsiders
  • One of my notes was about poker Hall of Fame arranged by Benny Binion. And as I mentioned there are 9 candidates to join this highly-respected society. Today I wish to describe these guys.

  • The priest becomes a poker champion on Fox
  • The first Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge was on air on Fox last Sunday. Priest John Trapp was the first contender to win $1 million. He applied all possible efforts to win and Trapp made an important step to reach the top prize.

  • Most painful bids of the last week
  • Another week ended and it is time to sum up its results. You definitely have heard already about new cash-champions and title-winners. Therefore I will not tell you abouth them again and I would better make a small presentation of most painful bids of the last week.

  • Aaron Gustavson becomes best at Poker Stars EPT in London
  • Poker Stars EPT finished in London today. Eight best players came to the final table to fight for a big pot. They were sitting in cozy chairs inside of London Hilton Metropol and the players did not really care about heavy rain which stroke London on Thursday.

  • Aaron Gustavson’s captures lead after Day 4 at ME Poker Stars European Poker Tour
  • Main Event Poker Stars European Poker Tour takes places in London these days. There is a small review of Day 4
    Aaron Gustavson finished Day 4 as a tournament leader.

  • Shulman defeats Negranu in ME WSOPE 2009
  • The owner of a journalistic empire Cardplayer Media and WSOP bracelet holder Barry Shulman won 10 000 Main Event WSOPE 2009 (biggest event of European poker). The final game at a table started with aggressive actions of Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu who had the smallest amount of chips at the table – around 430 000. [...]

  • Charity Poker Tournament Attracts Pros
  • Chicago’s authorities have made many attempts to run various legitimate card games, including Texas Holdem poker tournaments for charity purposes.

  • Norwegian Student wins Latin American Poker Tour
  • The most popular poker tournament on the South American Continent, the Latin American Poker Tour was won by a 20-year-old Scandinavian student. The tournament has therefore expanded its international champions collection, which from now on includes Karl Hevroy, who won the poker tournament’s Main Event in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
    Karl Hevroy from Bergen, Norway [...]

  • Poker After Dark features Dream Table III
  • This week, for the upcoming five nights, you can become a witness of one of the most exciting televised poker events – Arnold Thimins, the 44-year-old poker player will be living the dream. Having won at a FullTilt Poker freeroll poker tournament, he built his way to NBC’s Poker After dark.
    Timins had to choose [...]

  • Challenging Obama Bluefire tries to change Texas Holdem perception
  • No matter whether $1 million challenge of Bluefire Poker is accepted by President Barack Obama or any other representative of the U.S. Congress or not, the site seems to have reached the effect which they were expected to do with it.

  • Carter “ckingusc” King wins again
  • Carter “ckingusc” King wins another PokerStars Sunday Million tournament. It seems that this guy just can’t stay out of the spotlight! Only few weeks after facing a trial and drug charges after Michael Phelps bong scandal, Carter was back right there, where most keen Texas Holdem fans expected to see him more often than in [...]

  • Defeat for poker prosecutors
  • The recent state’s raid of $20 Texas Holdem Poker tournament ended with a defeat for prosecutors during trial. In fact, this could lead to a complete, or at least partial rewrite of major Colorado’s gambling laws. This particular incident can ultimately be used by local lawyers to challenge the Colorado’s Supreme Court 20-year ruling that [...]

  • Bad Beat Jackpot goes over $500,000
  • Plenty of Bad Beat Jackpot tables have been recently opened at two leading US poker rooms, where the jackpot has overtopped $500,000. The next Texas Holdem player to lose a hand with either four 8s or any better hand is eligible to win at least $162,000.
    UltimateBet and Absolute Poker have prepared something special [...]

  • A prove of being Texas Holdem a game of skill costs $1m
  • Bluefire Poker challenges Barack Obama to Texas Holdem game. $1 million is on the pot. The web site is ready to pay off this amount of money in order to prove that the game is skill-based rather than a game of chance.
    Professional poker players of Bluefire poker are willing to play with Obama or [...]

  • Carbon Poker Review
  • Carbon Poker short description

    Established 2007

    Rating 5/5

    US players accept

    Deposit bonus 100% up to $600

    Web site


    Size 12,3 MB

    Bonuscode: UPTO600


    Note: Since 15 April 15, 2011 – "Black Friday" for PokerStars, Full Tilt poker and UB/AP, Carbon [...]

  • Absolute Poker Review
  • Absolute Poker short description

    Established 2003

    Rating 9,87/10

    US players accept

    Deposit bonus 200% up to $600

    Web site


    Size 9.2 MB


    Absolute Poker has recently become one of the leading poker rooms in the world right after their merge with [...]

  • Brain doping for Texas Holdem champions, musicians and academics
  • Everybody knows about sports doping which is used by athletes to act on the edge of their psychical possibilities. However, there are pills which can do the same for a brain.

  • S.C. judge rules Holdem is a game of skill
  • COLUMBIA, S.C. – Even after a judge from the South Carolina court ruled yesterday that Texas Holdem is in fact a game of skill, the players still cannot be sure …

  • How Texas Holdem Helps To Be a Good Businessman
  • How do I evaluate market opportunities using my Texas Holdem skills?
    • If you’ve mastered the table selection concept, while playing Texas Holdem poker, then you definitely remember that table selection is probably one of the most important decisions you make during the game. This is the way how you look at the market [...]

  • Doyles Room Review
  • Doyles Room short description

    Established 2004

    Rating 9,87/10

    US players accept

    Deposit bonus 110% up to $550

    Web site


    Size 13.8 MB


    Doyles Room is the poker room of Doyle Brunson, one of the world-famous poker players. The room [...]

  • UltimateBet Review
  • UltimateBet short description

    Established 2001

    Rating 9,88/10

    US players accept

    Deposit bonus 111% up to $1100

    Web site


    Size 6.5 MB


    In late 2008 UltimateBet completed its merge with Absolute Poker forming the new Cereus poker network. At present, UltimateBet [...]

  • Duplicate Poker Review
  • This poker room is no more available on internet!
    Duplicate Poker is a completely new gaming concept in the market. Unlike the rest of online poker rooms, offering games that involve an aspect of luck (at least a bit of it), Duplicate Poker is a room that claims to offer a totally skill-based set [...]

  • PlayersOnly poker review
  • PlayersOnly short description

    Established 2006

    Rating 9,85/10

    US players accept

    Deposit bonus 100% up to $650

    Web site


    Size 13 MB


    The PlayersOnly online poker room has the look and feel of a decent place to enjoy your favorite game. The overall [...]

  • review
  • PartyPoker short description

    Established 2001

    Rating 9,85/10

    Deposit bonus 100% up to $500

    Web site


    Size 13,5 MB


    PartyPoker is probably the most remarkable poker room in the industry, not just because of its exceptional size, but also because of long and interesting history, unique development ideas and [...]

  • Another Opportunity to Gather Information
  • If you have a pocket pair, and you aren’t sure if you have the best poker hand, you’ll often be in a position to try to gather information through a flop bet. Say the preflop betting has led you to the conclusion that your holdem opponent likely has a pocket pair with you, but you [...]

  • Paying for Information in Texas Holdem
  • Most information at a no limit Texas Holdem poker table won’t be as easily quantifiable, at least not on the spot. But the criteria for value — accuracy and specificity, and allowing for better decisions — are always important. If you are thinking about taking an extra risk to get information, ask yourself how accurate [...]

  • Quantifying the Value of Information
  • Sometimes you can put a specific price tag on what information is worth. For instance, say, instead of pocket aces in the big blind, you have pocket kings. Now it’s worth something if your holdem opponent shows before you call, as you can fold if you see aces.
    Say your holdem opponent has raised $100 [...]

  • An Example of the Play (Bluff on the Turn and River)
  • You are playing a $10-$20 Texas Holdem game with $2,500 stacks. A strong holdem player in middle position opens for $80. You call on the button with

    and the blinds fold, so the pot is $190. The flop comes

    giving you a double-gutshot straight draw. Your holdem opponent bets $150, and you call ($490 in [...]

  • When Bigger Bluff Sizes Will Fold More Hands
  • You usually won’t be able to read your holdem opponent’s hand accurately enough to know exactly what two cards you’re up against. You’ll have a general idea: "I think she’s probably got a pair of queens, but she also might be slowplaying a set or have a straight draw."
    Different strength poker hands will require [...]

  • Sportsbook poker Review and sign-up bonus
  • Unfortunately, starting May 1st, 2011, SportsBook poker stopped accepting US players. However, there are some alternatives and one of the best options is Carbon Poker
    Sportsbook Poker Review
    One of the greatest advantages of Sportsbook Poker is the fact that this poker room accepts US player deposits and you can make deposits directly through the room’s cashier. [...]

  • An Exception to the Basic Rule
  • You may want to bet more than it takes to get the job done if you plan a follow-up bluff on the next betting round. That is, if you plan to bluff the turn, and, if called, also bluff the river, you don’t necessarily want to make your turn bet as small as possible.
    A [...]

  • A Little More About Getting the Job Done
  • Perhaps this is obvious, but it’s worth saying anyway. The amount needed to get the job done is not always easy to figure out. Furthermore, it’s not necessarily linear either. That is, you can’t think of it like:

    "Well, $20 will get him to fold a pair of deuces. $25 will fold treys. $50 will [...]

  • Play Poker Information
  • Poker is the most popular card game, which has many derivatives also known as poker variants. They are: Texas Holdem (and derivatives), Omaha Holdem (and derivatives), Seven Card Stud, Five Card Draw, Razz, etc. In other words, poker is a large family of card games that usually have identical betting rules and, in most [...]

  • You Might Not Have the Best Poker Hand
  • Our analyses thus far have assumed that you always have had the best poker hand, and your holdem opponent always has been drawing (or second-best). In Texas Holdem practice, unless you hold the nuts, you will never be certain that you hold the best hand.

    The more likely your holdem opponent is to have you [...]

  • Your Opponent Thinks He May Have the Best Hand
  • In the preceding discussion of general Texas Holdem strategy we have been focusing on poker hands where your holdem opponent thinks he has to improve to win. In those cases your bet is highly related to the number of "outs" you think he has. But that is a minor consideration when you think he has [...]

  • Don’t Take Away Their Rope
  • In the first example of the section, you had A♥ A♠ on a Q♦ 7♦ 2♣ 4♠ board, the pot was $100, you and your holdem opponent each had $400 behind, and your holdem opponent was on a diamond flush draw. Our conclusion was that you should have bet at least $40 because he was [...]

  • Expectation and Multiple Possible Hands
  • In the previous example, you maximized your expectation against a single, known poker hand. If your holdem opponent can have one of several draws, you should maximize your expectation against the range as a whole. Sometimes doing this will mean allowing your holdem opponent to draw profitably with the strongest of his possible draws.
    Put [...]

  • How Big Do You Want Their Mistake to Be?
  • We’ve limited your bet sizes to a range: Bet more than they can call profitably, but bet less than what would almost certainly blow them off their poker hand. Now we need to figure out what the right size is within that range.
    You want to choose the size that will maximize your expectation. Roughly [...]

  • Don’t Bet Too Much
  • Once you observe the basic betting rule in Texas Holdem poker and bet more than your holdem opponent can call profitably, you should now root for him to call. That’s because calling would be a mistake (if your opponent knew what you had), and you want your opponents to make mistakes even if they sometimes [...]

  • When Your Opponent Could Have One of Several Draws
  • In the last example, we knew exactly what our holdem opponent’s draw was. In Texas Holdem practice, you rarely will. You may know that he’s likely to be drawing, but you won’t know whether he has a straight draw, a flush draw, bottom pair, etc.
    Say you again have A♥ A♠ on the turn in [...]

  • Don’t justify your Texas Holdem opponents’ optimistic calls either
  • What is "justifying your opponents’ optimistic calls in Texas Holdem?" Well, say you bet one-fifteenth of your stack with a good poker hand. Your opponent calls with a gutshot, because she figures that she’ll hit it one-eleventh of the time, and that she’ll stack you if she does and make fourteen times her investment.
    If [...]

  • Imperfect Information and Implied Odds in Holdem
  • Implied Odds in Holdem
    Real Texas Holdem is played with hands facedown, though. If you have pocket jacks and all you know from your opponent’s reraise is that he has a "good" poker hand, but not necessarily pocket aces, then your situation is weaker.
    For instance, we said before that about one-ninth of the time you’ll [...]

  • The Importance of Implied Odds in Texas Holdem
  • Say you have $500 in a $2-$5 blind Texas Holdem game. In middle position, you make it $20 to go with

    Everyone folds to the big blind, who has you covered. He says, "raise." As he goes to his stack to cut off enough chips for his raise, he accidentally shows you his poker hand [...]

  • The Pot Size Philosophy in Texas Holdem
  • Say you are playing $2-$5 no limit Texas Holdem with $500 stacks. You are in the big blind with

    Someone opens from middle position for $20. You call. The flop is so you flopped a set.


    Obviously, you want a big pot. Your goal should be to get the remaining $480 into the [...]

  • Manipulating Opponents into Playing Badly in Holdem
  • This skill is similar to, but separate from, winning the battle of mistakes in Texas Holdem. Your opponents’ states of mind will shape their thought processes. If they’ve been winning a lot, they might be more prone to play one style. If they’ve been losing, they might play another. You can make certain noteworthy plays [...]

  • Reading Hands in Holdem
  • Most players know that reading hands is a critical Texas Holdem skill. If you can consistently and accurately deduce what your opponents’ cards are, you can beat the best players in the world.
    Hand reading is deeper than many players seem to think it is. It’s not just about knowing what you have and guessing [...]

  • Omaha Poker Flops
  • In both varieties of Omaha poker, some key questions to answer are these: How close am I to the nut hand and how far do I need to go to get there? If I have the nut hand on the flop, do I have a redraw that can make me even better? How many players [...]

  • Texas Holdem Flops
  • As with any activity with an element of luck, there will be times when you feel you can do no wrong and times when, no matter what cards you start with, they won’t win. You’ve put in your money, the flop comes out, and it’s time to play the poker hand.
    Everybody goes through this [...]

  • Choosing Starting Hands in Seven-Card Stud Hi/lo
  • Omaha Hi/lo is a game that takes the middle cards out of play, but Aces rule in seven card Stud Hi/lo. Because Aces play for both high and low, any poker hand with an Ace is definitively better than a similar hand without one. With that said, however, you do need to remember that both [...]

  • Choosing Starting Hands in Seven-Card Stud
  • So which hands should you play in seven-card Stud? As opposed to breaking the analysis down by position as we did in Texas Holdem, we’ll break it down by type of hand and discuss how position affects your choices during each discussion.
    Playing Three-of-a-Kind on Third Street
    If you’re dealt trips, you’re rolled up and [...]

  • Choosing Starting Hands in Pineapple Poker Hi/lo
  • Playing Pineapple poker Hi/Lo seems to be a lot like playing Omaha poker Hi/Lo, but the similarities are deceptive when you remember that you need only use one (or none) of your remaining hole cards to form your low hand after the river has been dealt. Here is the strategy we recommend for deciding which [...]

  • Choosing Starting Hands in Pineapple Poker
  • Pineapple poker, also known as Crazy Pineapple, is a relatively new flop game that you don’t see played a lot in brick-and-mortar casinos. In fact, the only time we’ve seen it played live was in a firehouse game in Maryland back in the early 1990s. You can find the game online at UltimateBet and ParadisePoker [...]

  • Choosing Starting Hands in Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Picking good starting hands in Omaha Hi/Lo is even more difficult than picking hands in Omaha high, but once again Ed Hutchison spent the time to develop a hand scoring system that you can use to determine whether a four-card poker hand is playable in Omaha poker Hi/Lo.
    The first step is to figure out whether [...]

  • Scoring Practice for Omaha High Poker Hands
  • Here are five Omaha poker hands for you to score using the Hutchison system. You’ll find the answers below the final hand.
    You should assign the following scores to the sample hands:
    A♠A♦J♠4♣ receives 4 points for the Ace-high flush draw in spades, 9 points for the pair [...]

  • Testing Hutchison’s Point Count System in Omaha High
  • Because the Hutchison system determines a hand’s approximate winning percentage if every player stayed through the river, we can test its accuracy in Wilson Software’s Turbo Omaha High. We decided to start at the top, with A♠A♣K♠K♣ (“Ace, King double-suited�?). The Hutchison system assigns this poker hand points in the following manner:
    4 points for [...]

  • Hutchison Point Count System in Poker
  • Hutchison used Mike Caro’s Poker Probe software to find the winning percentage of selected four-card poker hands against nine opponents. After he finished running the simulations, he correlated the hand’s winning percentage with characteristics of that hand, such as card rank, suitedness, pairs, and the distance between cards that could be used to make straights. [...]

  • Choosing Starting Hands in Omaha High
  • Omaha high is a devilish game. Because each poker player is given four hole cards, there are all sorts of ways to make trips, quads, straights, flushes, and full houses. There are so many cards in play, in fact, that every starting hand has what seems to be a decent shot at winning a given [...]

  • Playing the Blinds in Texas Holdem poker
  • When you’ve put in money as either the small or big blind in Texas Holdem, you have a lot of leeway in deciding which poker hands to play. If you’re the big blind and no one has raised, you get to play for free. You can raise, of course, and should with a big hand [...]

  • Playing Hands from Late Position in Holdem Poker
  • As you have probably guessed, if no one has raised in front of you, you can play a lot of hands when you’re last or next to last to act. You can also raise a lot with the goal of stealing the blinds, but you have to be on the watch for players who will [...]

  • Playing Hands from Middle Position in Holdem
  • You have to be conservative when you’re close to the blinds, but when you’re four, five, or six seats from the blinds, you can loosen up a bit and play more hands. Table 1 lists the additional poker hands we believe are playable in middle position if no one has raised in front of you. [...]

  • Why Position Makes a Difference in Texas Holdem
  • Texas Holdem may seem like game where any set of hole cards can win. That argument is true in that it’s possible for any two, three, or four cards to win, but there are some poker hands that are much more likely to take down the pot than others. In Texas Holdem, the best two-card [...]

  • How to Detect a Cheater on Your Own
  • After you’ve played at a poker room for a while, you’ll probably start running into the same players, particularly if you consistently play at the same time of day. Here are a few characteristics you can watch out for:

    Same players always at the same table
    Same players always in the hand together [...]

  • Playing Multiple Poker Games
  • In a brick-and-mortar casino, a player is not allowed to be in more than one poker game at a time. The beauty of the online poker world is that playing multiple games at once is permitted! When playing Texas Holdem, a player will usually see at least 100 poker hands per hour per table. Two [...]

  • Other Stuff You Need to Know About Holdem Game Play
  • There are a few other topics we’ll need to cover to get you fully up to speed for the online poker environment, and here they are!
    The Rake
    As we’ve mentioned previously, a poker room makes its money by taking a percentage of each pot for itself. Remember, unlike traditional casino games such as slot [...]

  • The Cards Are Out! Now What Do I Do?
  • When the cards come out, you will be presented with some check boxes to automate your actions. In a typical poker room there will be two types of check boxes. The first type allows you to automate actions for all poker hands; the second type is what you want to do for your next action. [...]

  • Figuring Out Which Tournament or Table to Join
  • For best results, a poker player aspiring to make a profit over time should be strong at as many games as possible and should also be a strong ring game and tournament player. Over time, you will be able to use the lobby as a tool to put yourself in situations in which you are [...]

  • The Lobby
  • To log on to your poker room, double-click its icon on your desktop (which will have been created when you installed the host software) and let your and their computer do the connection-establishing thingy they do. Enter your user name and password in the appropriate places, and you will see something similar to Figure 1. [...]

  • Practicing Holdem Poker Tournament Play
  • The best way to gain experience in playing tournaments is to jump right in and buy in to some poker tournaments on your online poker rooms of choice. UltimateBet has no-limit Holdem tournaments for buy-ins as low as $5, plus a $0.50 entry fee.
    Two nice things about those $5 Texas Holdem tournaments are that [...]

  • Playing in Rebuy Poker Tournaments
  • Some poker tournaments, called freezeouts , only allow you to buy in once. The chips you get at the start of the day are all you can buy for that tournament. Many poker tournaments, particularly those with buy-ins of $100 or less, let you rebuy one or more times during the first hour of the [...]

  • Achieving Goal Four: Making It to the Top Three Positions
  • Winning any money in a poker tournament is an exhilarating experience, but you find the real money in the top three positions. As an example, consider the data in Table 1, which shows the standard payout structure for a $40 PokerStars tournament with 500 players.

    You can find the full standard payout schedule for PokerStars [...]

  • Achieving Goal Three: Making It into the Money
  • When you survive in a poker tournament long enough to be in a prize-paying position, you are in the money . The most critical time in any tournament is often when you are a few positions away from getting paid. There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than seeing a player who was all-in win a hand without [...]

  • Achieving Goal Two: Increasing Your Chip Stack
  • You’ll eventually need to get all of the chips into your stack if you want to win a tournament, but you can’t get them all in the first 10 minutes unless it’s a really small field. But, because poker tournaments increase the limits you play at as time goes by, you need to win money [...]

  • Achieving Goal One: Surviving
  • Regardless of the type tournament you enter, you’ll have to have at least one chip, and preferably a lot more, in front of you to keep playing. In a tournament, you must base every decision on the impact a win or loss will have on your chances to remain in the tournament. You must be [...]

  • Buying In to a Poker Tournament
  • Buying an entry into a poker tournament seems like a straightforward affair: You put down your money and pick up your chips. That’s true for smaller poker tournaments, but you can also try to qualify for tournaments with large entry fees, typically $200 or more, by winning a smaller poker tournament where the prize is [...]

  • Ring games (Cash games)
  • Are you the sort of poker player who likes to sit in a game for a long time and grind out your wins, using your skills to keep your losses to a minimum while you wait for those big poker hands to come along? Or are you the sort of poker player who likes to [...]

  • Dividing a Pot with Multiple Winners
  • In a high-low split game, a player could always win the entire pot, or scoop, by having both the highest and lowest poker hand, such as with a Five-high straight flush (remember, straights and flushes don’t count against you when you’re going for low).
    But what would happen if a player had the highest possible [...]

  • Crazy Pineapple High-Low Practice Poker Hands
  • Because you can use both, one, or neither of your remaining hole cards to create your high and low hands, Crazy Pineapple poker is a bit more of a guessing contest than are poker games where you don’t have to discard a card after the flop.
    Work through the following three practice poker hands to [...]

  • Omaha High-Low Practice Poker Hands
  • Work through the following three practice hands to form the highest and (if possible) lowest five-card Omaha hand from the board and the assigned hole cards. Once you’ve determined the best hands you can create using your hole cards, try to figure out the best possible poker hands you could create using any set of [...]

  • Qualifying and Evaluating Low Poker Hands
  • Unlike poker games played for low only, which allow any hand to be considered a low poker hand, high-low split games require that a low hand consist of five unpaired cards where every card is an Eight or lower. Thus 8432A qualifies as a low poker hand, but 9432A does not. You also need to [...]

  • Playing the Game of Omaha High
  • As in Texas Holdem, an Omaha poker hand starts with one player being given the Dealer button. If the game’s just starting, the house will deal each player a card and assign the button to the player with the highest card. After each hand, the button moves around the table in a clockwise direction, so [...]

  • Omaha High Practice Poker Hands
  • Work through the following three practice poker hands to form the best five-card Omaha poker hand from the board and the assigned hole cards. Once you’ve determined the best poker hand you can create using your hole cards, try to figure out the best possible hand you could create using any two hole cards. The [...]

  • Determining the Best Poker Hand in Omaha High
  • It is vital to remember that you use exactly two of your four hole cards to build the best possible five-card poker hand in Omaha ! For example, if you are dealt A♣A♥A♠A♦, you have a pair of Aces and precious few ways to improve your hand. Don’t think a situation like this will ever [...]

  • Texas Holdem Practice Hands
  • Work through the following three practice hands to form the best five-card hand from the board and the assigned hole cards. Once you’ve determined the best hand you can create using your hole cards, try to figure out the best possible poker hand you could create using any two hole cards. The first hand appears [...]

  • Determining the Best Hand in Holdem Poker
  • When you stay in a Texas Holdem hand to the end, you need to show your cards to make a claim for the pot. When you display your cards, the dealing program reads your hand and makes the best five-card hand possible using both, one, or neither of your cards.
    For example, if the five [...]

  • Playing the Game of Texas Holdem
  • Your goal in Texas Holdem is to make the best five-card hand you can from the two cards you’re dealt individually and the five common cards dealt in the middle of the table. You can use both, one, or none of your hole cards in building the poker hand. Holdem poker tables typically seat 10 [...]

  • Texas Holdem Betting Structure
  • The most common way to play Texas Holdem poker is as a fixed-limit game, which means that all bets and raises are of a fixed amount. A common limit new players play is $2–$4, where the first two betting rounds allow bets and raises of $2 (called a small bet ), and the third and [...]

  • Texas Holdem game play
  • There are general Texas Holdem poker rules:

    •  Your goal is to create the best possible five-card poker hand.
    •  Remember, the rank of poker hands is as follows: straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, one pair, high card. Do note that these rankings are [...]

  • The Mechanics of Online Texas Holdem Poker
  • Now that your poker player account is set up, you are able to start playing texas holdem. Well, except for one small detail: the ranks of hands and the various actions a player is able to take while playing. If you know these things, then by all means skip this page. If not, read on! [...]

  • Depositing Money into an Poker Player Account and Cashing Out
  • There are several options for transferring funds into an online poker player account. The first is to transfer funds directly from your bank account to the poker room. Be aware: Transfers such as this are known to trigger security alerts in some banks. Two other good choices exist, in the form of online financial service [...]

  • Other Ways Online Poker Sites Compete for Your Business
  • With hundreds of entrants in the online texas holdem poker market, the competition for your attention and deposits must go beyond simply offering a good place to play cards. Anyone can do that! All one needs to do is get enough money together to license the software from a solution provider to get over the [...]

  • Getting Started
  • To get you playing online texas holdem poker, the first step is to establish an account on one or several poker rooms. This page will explain the process one goes through to set up an online poker player account.
    By the end of this page, you will know how to.

    Go to a poker [...]

  • Online Texas Holdem Poker: Legal or Not?
  • Neither of your authors is a lawyer, and the discussion that follows is not legal advice. Every jurisdiction’s laws are different, and court rulings can be superseded by later decisions. The information provided here may not apply to your circumstance. If you have any doubt as to whether online holdem poker is legal where you [...]

  • Reasons Not to Play Texas Holdem Poker Online
  • With that sort of build-up, you might think that online texas holdem poker is the universe’s gift to gamblers.
    In many ways it is, but online texas holdem does have its downside. For example, always being able to get into a game can be a bad thing, particularly if you’re prone to playing short sessions [...]

  • Positives, Negatives, and Legalities of Online Holdem
  • There’s a lot to be said in favour of playing Holdem online, but there are pitfalls you need to avoid. You might expect that we wouldn’t try to talk down the subject of this section, but when you’re putting money on the line, you need to go in with as much knowledge as you can [...]

  • So What Is This Online Texas holdem Thing?
  • Playing Texas holdem online is a blast. No one can tell you how to dress, that your music is turned up too loud, or that your play fails to meet a certain minimum standard. More specific, if someone does try to tell you anything you don’t want to hear, you can muzzle the moron with [...]

  • Texas Holdem’s place in poker Game Selection
  • Game selection is an essential skill for a successful poker player. While most beginners think that their major goal is to improve their strategic thinking and playing skills in order to increase their earnings, poker professionals say that often the way to better results is simply selection of a poker game that perfectly marches player’s [...]

  • Texas Holdem – Your Best Poker Game
  • In order to maximize your profit, you should determine which poker variant fits best to your play and why. Since your success in poker games means that you have a better skill level in certain aspects, your goal is to know the reason for your success in order to steadily increase, then maximize your profit [...]

  • The Latest Tendencies in Calling/Raising
  • All regular poker players know that poker is a very fast-developing game and if you want to always be in the saddle you should react to all changes in the game accordingly. For instance, a winning player may notice that with the time less professional players try to imitate the way he plays. As a [...]

  • Playing Monster Hands in No-Limit Cash Games
  • In Texas Holdem good cards are not a guarantee of your win. The main thing is to know how to play those cards.
    Euphoria from receiving a monster hand must not make you close your eyes and forget about strategy thinking you’re going to be a winner anyway. What you do with your hand can make [...]

  • Texas Holdem Tournament Types
  • The purpose of this article is to introduce you to some specific tournament types and explain how you should adopt your strategy to different tournament types.
    A Texas Holdem tournament is usually played as follows: all player start with equal amount of chips, value of blind bets gradually grows throughout the tournament and players are gradually [...]

  • Multi-Table Limit Texas Holdem Tournaments
  • Multi-table Limit Texas Holdem tournaments, as well as all Texas Holdem tournaments involve much luck and just a little bit of skill. Nevertheless, skillful players always have better chances against even the luckiest beginners. In order to win in this type of Texas Holdem tournaments, you should slightly change the strategies applied in Limit Texas [...]

  • Tells in Live Texas Holdem
  • Many players prefer to play live Texas Holdem because they think it has more tells than online one. These tells are very useful if you want to learn reading your opponents.
    It is very reckless to plan your strategy basing on tells only. You should perceive each tell as a piece of information. With the help [...]

  • Table Image: Tight Play
  • If you are not sure which strategy you should choose in a certain situation you should always give your preference to tight, fundamental Texas Holdem. This way of play is the one with the help of which you are sure to make the money. In some cases it is even required to play tight in [...]

  • Table Image: Introduction
  • Table image is a crucial factor especially when you are playing No-Limit Texas Holdem. The result of your session can depend on it. If you want to use your table image as efficiently as you can you should know a few rules.
    First of all, you should not exploit a loose table image playing at a [...]

  • Money Management in Poker
  • What separates a good winning poker player from a good losing one? It is the ability to manage their bankroll. If you can do this, you minimize your risk of going broke.
    All good players use their won money at the poker table as operating funds for a further poker play. They try not to invest [...]

  • Who Pays Off in No-Limit Texas Holdem
  • In the Formula 1 championship the second place wins a silver medal and a cash prize, while in No-Limit Texas Holdem, second player loses a lot of money.
    Many Limit Texas Holdem players, who change to No-Limit Texas Holdem have a really hard time realizing this rather simple and very important concept. For example, if you [...]

  • Texas Holdem Tournaments
  • Texas Holdem tournaments definitely stand among world’s hottest events. While Texas Holdem has been continually played for over a century, the circuit of Texas Holdem tournaments is a relatively new thing, which gradually develops from $80,000 prize (with a $10,000 worth buy-in) in 1972 and up to $7.5 million prize at the 2005’s World Series [...]

  • Single Table No-Limit Texas Holdem Tournament Tips
  • Mastering single-table No-Limit Texas Holdem tournaments is rather difficult and takes a lot of patience and skill. Here are some valuable tips that can be very useful:
    Patience is the key skill for all Texas Holdem tournaments and ring games. If you have enough patience – tend to play regular sit-and-go No-Limit Texas Holdem tournaments rather [...]

  • Single-Table No-Limit Texas Holdem Tournaments
  • Single-table No-Limit Texas Holdem tournaments, also referred to as sit-and-go tournaments is an incredibly popular form of Texas Holdem tournaments available in all top online poker rooms recommended by our site. Sit-and-go tournaments are also popular in land-based casinos and usually these are satellites to MTTs (multi-table tournaments) played in a winner-takes-all style. However, this [...]

  • Omaha Hi/Lo Strategy
  • The purpose of this article is to introduce you to Omaha Hi/Lo (8 or better) and provide basic rules, strategies and tips as well as certain in-depth aspects of the game.
    Omaha Hi/Lo (8 or better) quickly became the most popular split-pot game played in land-based casinos and online poker rooms across the world. While Omaha [...]

  • Multi-Table No-Limit Texas Holdem Tournaments
  • The popularity of No-Limit Texas Holdem tournaments in land-based casinos and online poker rooms is truly amazing. Fueled by the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker, a lot of players are thrilled by these competitions and enter numerous satellites chasing a chance to win the big score. Today most of No-Limit Texas Holdem [...]

  • Low Limit Omaha Strategy
  • Low-Limit Omaha offers plenty of opportunities for patient players. Most of Low-Limit Omaha tables are crowded with loose players, because many of them think that the Two Pair is quite sufficient to win. The best strategy to consider is to play hands, which do well in multi-way pots and bet aggressively, when you hold the [...]

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