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  • Stay focused in Texas Holdem
  • Texas Holdem is a difficult game which requires high concentration. It is crucial to stay focused. And many beginners usually forget about it especially when they play online.

  • Bankroll is the basis of success in Texas Holdem poker
  • Many inexperienced Texas Holdem players forget about the importance of a solid bankroll. Therefore I want to discuss this issue today. Creating a bankroll is the first thing you should do before playing Texas Holdem poker.

  • Control in Texas Holdem poker
  • All successful Texas Holdem poker players are aware of the important rule of the game. You have to control most hands you play. Control of a hand helps you to minimize your own mistakes and maximize mistakes of your opponent. At the same time there is an opportunity for you to use weaknesses of opponents to win a pot.

  • Tip for beginners of Texas Holdem poker: stop bluffing
  • First of all you should know that there are not so many pure bluffs in Texas Holdem poker. Many people think that poker consists of bluff. And it is not surprising.

  • Meet Joe Cada!
  • Have you ever heard about Joe Cada? I hope yes because Joe Cada became famous in the world of Texas Holdem poker. And if you do not know who is he it means that you are ignorant or just do not care about poker at all.

  • Five biggest mistakes of poker tournament players
  • Playing Texas Holdem poker tournaments is not an easy task. You have to be able to keep your chips and protect your stake from the others. Many players do not realize it and risk too often.

  • Double or Nothing tournament is a perfect beginning
  • Today I am going to tell you about one of the most popular type of Sit&Go tournaments. I am talking about Double or Nothing. The rules of this type of Texas Holdem tournament are very simple: you just need to finish in the top half.

  • Who said you should not play Texas Holdem if you are in a bad mood?
  • Are you in a bad mood today? You do not know how to spend your day and it seems like nobody can make you happy? So, it is time to go and switch on your computer. Let ‘ s play Texas Holdem ! It will make your day positive.

  • Do not give any free cards to your opponents!
  • I hope you remember that there is no 100 % winning strategy in Texas Holdem poker. Even pocket aces do not guarantee you win. Simple example, you have got pocket aces.

  • When you SHOULD NOT raise in Texas Holdem poker?
  • As a beginner of Texas Holdem poker you are definitely aware that you should raise if you have strong cards. This is a very important aspect of the game. Every experienced Texas Holdem player knows this rule.

  • Importance of the time your opponents spend to make decisions in Holdem
  • If you want to make money playing online Texas Holdem poker you should master different skills and accumulate knowledge about various aspects of the game. Many of these skills are related to mathematics.

  • How to be successful playing Texas Holdem in Sit&Go tournaments?
  • Many Texas Holdem players prefer Sit&Go tournaments. They say that cash games are too stressful. And this point makes sense. Of course, Sit&Go tournaments are more relaxed.

  • How not to be a TAGfish in Texas Holdem?
  • Tight-aggressive style of Texas Holdem poker is becoming more and more popular. Many players think that they can earn much money by following this strategy.

  • Find a suitable Texas Holdem poker table first!
  • Experienced Texas Holdem player has got many effective tools he can use to improve the results. But there is another important thing you should remember. I want to underline the importance of a wise choice of Texas Holdem table.

  • Be in a right position in Holdem
  • Position is the most valuable and important things you can have at the Texas Holdem poker table. If you have never heard about the importance of a right position I strongly advice you to read this article carefully.

  • Value bets for Texas Holdem beginners
  • Phil Hellmuth knows how to use value bets with maximum effect. And proper use of value bets makes a difference in Texas Holdem poker. Therefore it is extremely important to learn how to place value bets. But by the way, what is a value bet? Generally, aim of a value bet is to increase the size of pot. And the aim describes value bet best of all.

  • No-Limit Texas Holdem with blinds $1/$2: which strategy you should use?
  • No-Limit Texas Holdem with blinds $1/$2 is the most popular poker game at casinos.

  • How to use pocket aces with maximal effect in Texas Holdem
  • Pocket aces is a dream of every player in Texas Holdem. Everybody hopes to get pocket aces and win a big pot. But according to statistics, a player is given pocket aces only once in 220 hands.

  • Importance of ability to read cards in Texas Holdem
  • If you want to be able to win money playing low-blinds cash games you have to know basics of Texas Holdem poker. First of all I mean rules of the game and simple skills of building combinations like flushes and straights.

  • DO NOTS of Texas Holdem tournaments: part 2
  • Last time we started to talk about Texas Holdem strategy which you should use to a be successful player at different tournaments. So, today I want to continue to talk about this topic and finish my list of DO NOTS of poker tournaments.

  • DO NOTS of Texas Holdem tournaments: part 1
  • If you wish to win a Texas Holdem tournament you need to accumulate big amount of chips. At the same time it is very important to learn how to protect your stake. Therefore I am going to tell you what you SHOULD NOT do if you wish to save your chips.

  • Your public image at the poker table 1: introduction
  • Your public image and the behavior are crucial when you play No-Limit Texas Holdem. Mistakes in behavior and building the image lead to negative results. Therefore this aspect of Texas Holdem is very important and I am going to teach you several rules.

  • The most important secret of Texas Holdem poker
  • After several years of playing Texas Holdem poker I understood that the most important secret of this game, the key to success is patience. Patience helps you to win and earn money.

  • Texas Holdem tricks
  • It is very important to be unpredictable playing Texas Holdem poker. Unpredictable opponent is extremely difficult to play with. If you always check having weak cards and place bets or raise having strong cards, experienced Texas Holdem players will get to the core of your strategy pretty fast.

  • Stick to your winnings in Texas Holdem poker
  • Most people think that success in poker is determined by quantity of wins and defeats. Another way to measure success is to count your profits and loses. I have seen many times Texas Holdem players earning much money but loosing everything pretty fast in time being.

  • No-Limit Texas Holdem: what cards can be considered good ones?
  • When you just start your career in Texas Holdem poker it is better to fold if you have weak or average cards. If you are not sure, just fold. Following this rule will save you from making difficult decisions.

  • How to use “monster cards” in Texas Holdem
  • Most beginners think that good cards can guarantee them success in Texas Holdem poker. But this statement is not correct. It is not enough just to have good cards.

  • Bankroll advice: you should know when to leave the table
  • When you go to a poker table you should have a setting for yourself – “to play as good as you are able to”. And if you want to win you must use 100 % of your skills and do everything in your power. But the question is how long you are able to play this way?

  • How to avoid defeats playing Texas Holdem: play fewer hands
  • Of course, it is not nice to lose. Any defeat leads to a disappointment and it might affect your mood dramatically. Texas Holdem is a very difficult game and many newcomers feel unhappy when they lose.

  • Don’t forget to fold!
  • There is no another mistake which leads to such painful consequences than refuse to fold. Actually it is very important to be ready to fold playing poker, especially No Limit Texas Holdem. Many newcomers depend on luck or just feel like they should call and lose their stake instantly.

  • Five typical mistakes of Texas Holdem poker beginners
  • Learning how to play Texas Holdem poker successfully is not an easy task. You should be ready to work hard and spend much time acquiring your first skills and improving them. Even when you know all rules and look confident enough, you still can be called an absolute beginner.

  • Bluff is an important part of Texas Holdem strategy
  • Probably, bluff is the most important and famous tool in Texas Holdem poker strategy. Bluff is widely used and it helps to achieve big heights. Bluffing is dangerous and exciting at the same moment.

  • “Brave call” – the part of Texas Holdem strategy
  • Deni “Ansky” Stern is a famous Texas Holdem poker player who prefers to risk and participate in big cash games. At the same time Stern is a perfect teacher of Texas Holdem. And I will introduce you one of his lessons, it is about an importance of a call.

  • Texas Holdem – a game with a maniac
  • Poker experts created many perfect books. Amateurs use such books to learn about poker and improve their skills. The books are very useful but unfortunately they do not reflect all aspects of the game.

  • The importance of position in Poker
  • Once a beginner player will start describing a hand that they have played you will notice that they will start telling you what cards they have and not what was the betting made before receiving that hand.

  • Winning Tough Games
  • Just like in the other poker games, in Texas Holdem you can face different kinds of play. Sometimes the game is loose and juicy, but some are really tough. Luckily, there are some strategies and tricks that’ll help you to win even in tough games with skillful and aggressive opponents. Once you start out playing [...]

  • Texas Holdem Tips
  • These Texas Holdem Tips are neither strict guidelines, nor the only way to win the pot. You should understand that each player develops a unique set of tricks and strategies matching his own style of play. However, the following tips are an extract from the most successful strategies, which can be very helpful in development [...]

  • Texas Holdem Strategy
  • Position at the table
    In Texas Holdem, a player’s position is a very important aspect of the game, which is frequently underestimated by novice players and always employed by the pros. Term “position” refers to the strategic consequences of a player’s position at the table, which is divided into three general zones: early, middle and [...]

  • Texas Holdem Rules
  • The article below introduces the general Texas Holdem rules and hands and is directed towards novice players. If you are planning to become a winning Texas Holdem pro, you need to learn these rules and keep on studying the strategy of the game, learn winning hands, familiarize with the important poker terms available in our [...]

  • Starting Hands in Texas Holdem poker
  • Many Texas Holdem PROs have researched the fundamental question of all game: Should I play this hand? In this section, we’ll tell you how to answer that straightforward yet troubling question for Texas Holdem poker.
    You don’t have a lot of information when you start a hand in Texas Holdem. In fact, because cards don’t [...]

  • Let’s Play Texas Holdem Online
  • OK! You now understand exactly how the games work, and you’re ready to log on to your poker room of choice and start making people rue the day you decided to pick up a mouse and do this online Texas Holdem thing. The online poker environment requires a player to know where and when to [...]

  • A true legend of poker Doyle Brunson
  • Betfair WSOPE Main Event takes place in the beginning of October. Poker fans were looking forward to watch one a true legend of poker Doyle Brunson. Doyle is one of the most famous and respectable poker players ever. Where else you can see a 76-years old title contender?

  • Poker Hall of Fame of Benny Binion
  • Poker Hall of Fame was established in 1979 by eccentric owner of The Horseshoe casino Benny Binion. Binion wished to conduct celebrations in honor of world poker elite.

  • Selecting Starting Hands in Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Selecting the starting hands is the most difficult, and at the same time the most important part of the Omaha Hi/Lo game, especially in the cash games. It’s essential to do this carefully if you want to win the game. In the game of Omaha Hi/Lo, there’s no such thing as playing too tight, so, [...]

  • Texas Holdem (Limit) Tournaments
  • Even if the first time you will look at both No Limit and Limit Texas Holdem poker tournaments, they might look like they are the same, you must be aware that they are completely different. For example at a No Limit Texas Holdem tournament the moment you get a premium hand you can definitely get [...]

  • Tips for Omaha Holdem
  • Doing a little bit of research before you start playing a Omaha Holdem game is very important. This is because like any other game it requires skills and a constant updates of your knowledge.

  • 6 Simple tips for Texas Holdem
  • Here are few simple tips when you’re playing Texas Holdem and we are sure with these you will be the next crowned king at Texas Holdem.
    •  Playing a tight game: When a player begins to play the Texas Holdem either online or in a land-based casino especially for real money you will have [...]

  • Heads Up Texas Holdem Tips: Blinds and High cards
  • Heads up Texas Holdem games are a bit different and require players who possess complete knowledge and how to compete against only a single opponent.

  • Improving your Texas Holdem game
  • Playing Texas Holdem poker involves a few tricks, especially if you want to turn from a bad luck streak. Firstly a player needs to win consistently, your game should be disciplined, and you will need to always make a strategy and plan for the entire game and lastly is sticking to all of the above. [...]

  • Texas Holdem tips to become a tight player
  • If you’re an honest person, then Texas Holdem is not a game for you, better still you will need to develop skills to deceive your opponent player. This is a key ingredient to playing any game of poker. All it requires is that you move through the rounds in a very smart fashion along with [...]

  • Your first online Texas Holdem tournament
  • Playing Texas Holdem tournaments is definitely not easy, especially for those who are new to the tournament scene, players often display a bundle of nerves. It is quite easy in all of this nervousness to forget the strategies planned and the basics of every poker game intended to play here. [...]

  • How to manipulate your Sit and Go opponents
  • Many poker players must have noticed that their opponents are going to play by using exactly the same strategy that you want them to play in a sit n go Texas Holdem tournament. This is beyond a player’s reasoning since it has happened without you having to resort to [...]

  • Heads up Texas Holdem Strategies
  • If you’re playing heads up you will definitely need to understand instantly the kind of opponent you are playing. Saying this it is evident that the first step is to gather relevant information which will only benefit you. This allows you to see what your opponent was playing by [...]

  • Tips on how to become a successful Texas Holdem player
  • Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to playing Texas Holdem poker either online or offline. And only with the right amount of patience will you see yourself as a successful Texas Holdem player. If you are aggressive in a bad way, and it is impossible to maintain you’re [...]

  • How to build a great bankroll out of poker and make it grow?
  • If you’re looking at playing poker online just for the heck off it, without any intention of making money or investing, and you consider it as a favorable pastime, then it can be fun. However if you’re looking at building your bankroll then you need to follow much disciplined route. When you play Holdem poker [...]

  • Texas Holdem tips for beginners made easy
  • If you’re looking to play Texas Holdem poker and don’t know much about the game, then you have reached the right spot. Although these simple Holdem tips will not make you rich overnight, it will definitely help you imbibe the skills that every poker player needs. Texas Holdem is an interesting game, popular among players [...]

  • Sit-N-Go Poker Tournament Tips
  • It is definitely is something to ponder about, how a few people make the best winnings by just playing Sit-N-Go, while some seem to struggle to win even the minimum and are much favorable to losses.
    Wining in this game cannot be attributed to luck in anyways; a [...]

  • Omaha High Low Poker Tips
  • Players who are well adjusted with a particular type of strategy in any kind of poker games will find that the transition difficult, especially with the Omaha High Low split style of strategy. One common mistake that poker players make is that they keep their strategy style intact and only deem the Omaha low hands [...]

  • Five Card Draw Poker Tips
  • One of the most popular poker games these days at the online poker rooms is the five card draw game, it is quickly raising up the popularity charts.
    If you’re new to this game, then it’s advisable that you learn all about it before you take the plunge. There are a few tips listed that [...]

  • Winning Tips for HORSE Tournaments
  • It is not easy to win HORSE Tournaments, in fact the requirement is that in order to win a tournament a player will have to know and be good with all the five poker games.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re not excellent in just one game, but you cannot even afford to be the worst [...]

  • Why Cash Games are better than Online Poker Tournaments?
  • According to experts, cash poker games are preferred over tournaments.
    This is because you tend to spend a lot of time with your group in a cash game, and this gives you the opportunity to maybe exploit your opponent’s weakness. Also, one can create an image to the rest of the group before maybe turning [...]

  • Texas Holdem Strategies for Pot Limit Vs No Limit
  • If you’re aiming to win at the game of No Limit or Pot Limit Texas holdem, you will have to develop skills that will show different strategies and styles. Here are a few strategies that you might want to know of when playing the No Limit or the Pot Limit Texas Holdem.
    In a fix? [...]

  • Know Your True Holdem poker Style
  • Texas Holdem Poker is a complete game for professionals, and even professionals need to play this game with a lot of soul although it is much of an external competition as well. Just like any other sport, the game of Texas Holdem too requires a lot of understanding the game and practice in an environment [...]

  • How to Play the Blind in Texas Holdem
  • A common misconception in Texas Holdem game is not accepting gifts. This is entirely wrong.
    In the Holdem game there are no antes. If there are no antes or anything else that players can fight for playing the game is irrelevant. And if your opponents happen to be masters at it, you would only be [...]

  • How Good the Players Exploit the Common Holdem Mistakes
  • To err is human! That’s how the phrase goes and is so true even when it comes to playing Texas Holdem. It is however necessary that a good player always learns from his pitfalls. If he happens to make the same mistakes several times, then he is not a good learner or a player. Opponents [...]

  • Learn to Play Short Handed Texas Holdem (Limit)
  • Pros who play the Short Handed Texas Holdem (Limit) would all agree that playing the game with a lot of hands is the best. This may not go down really well with other players, but there is a certain hidden secret behind this strategy that has high possibilities that might let you win. Here are [...]

  • Online Poker Tournament Tips
  • Playing an online poker tournament can really be tough in case you are not familiar with all the things you have to know related to a tournament. This is why sometimes you might get into panic and start making mistakes by forgetting the poker strategies you have to use in order to play and win. [...]

  • How to Build and Keep a Solid Bankroll
  • Players always dream of the sweet siren sound when they take part in either a tournament or any kind of high stake game. These games do give out huge rewards, however players who are beginners, dive into the game head on, without knowing what they are getting into.

  • Heads up Holdem Tips
  • One of Texas Holdems important features is playing the heads-up. This will help players benefit and make their game even stronger. The most important part of the game is heads-up, coupled with knowing your opponent along with the right mix of aggression.

  • Tips on how to play Texas Holdem
  • The number of online users that are searching for tips on how to play Texas Holdem has significantly during the past couple of years. More people are trying to get as much information as possible about the game of Texas Holdem poker.

  • Bluffing Techniques against Solid Holdem Players
  • When trying to bluff your way in a Holdem No limit game, you should question yourself on, what the possibilities are that your opponent has a hand. Also analyse if your bluff is sensible depending on the way a hand is played.

  • Do you find placing bad beats as a bad decision?
  • Playing Texas Holdem and winning it has several probabilities, and always winning it is not one of them. There are several ups and downs a player has to repeatedly go through and learn the nuances of the game by their own experience. Playing Texas Holdem does not have a predetermined instruction [...]

  • Moving from online Holdem to offline Holdem
  • Some players, after playing a lot of Texas Holdem online, decide to take an important step in their career and try to test their Texas Holdem skills in an offline poker room from a casino.

  • Poker Tips: Bankroll Management
  • Bankroll Management is a term which is starting to become more and more popular in online Texas Holdem. Understanding how this works is becoming a necessity for every player as the online Texas Holdem are becoming tougher and tougher. From player to player you will see that everyone will have a different [...]

  • Aggressive image – key of success in Texas Holdem?
  • An important aspect of Texas Holdem poker (online and live) is to create for yourself an image which is going to be used in your advantage. In case you are going to play aggressively you might get lucky, since most of the players will think that you are bluffing and the moment [...]

  • Turbo Multi Table Tournament Tips
  • One of the biggest mistakes that you can do when you play Texas Holdem at a turbo Multi Table Tournament is to overcompensate for the fact that it’s a turbo and start playing too fast and loose during the first rounds. At the early stages of such a Texas Holdem tournament [...]

  • Texas Holdem Bluffing Tips
  • Bluffing is one of the online Texas Holdem strategies that are considered to be hard to handle. Before we are going to present you the tips for using the bluffing strategies we are going to tell you exactly what bluffing means. In the world of Texas Holdem, bluffing is the art of [...]

  • Should you be active early in a Texas Holdem tournament?
  • The type of the online Texas Holdem tournament that you are about to play is going to be the number one factor which should influence how active you want to be at the early stages of a tournament. In case you are going to go for a Sit & Go tournament you [...]

  • Taking player notes – key of success in Texas Holdem
  • The moment you sit at a live poker table the only type of notes that you can take are the mental ones. However the moment you play an online game of Texas Holdem you will get the tremendous opportunity to use the player notes feature which is not granted in the live [...]

  • General Texas Holdem Tips
  • The game variation of Texas Holdem gained a lot of popularity online during the last couple of years. This happened thanks to the large televised online poker tournaments that attracted more and more players. In order to be successful at playing Texas Holdem, all you need is a good and effective [...]

  • Playing high pocket pairs
  • One of the biggest errors that novice and even intermediate players make in no-limit hold‘em, is that they don’t create the correct amount of action with the type of hand that they have! As an example, a player raises pre-flop with KK and gets two callers. The game is NL100 full-ring [...]

  • Knowing opponents in Texas Holdem
  • It has always been my belief that knowing your opponents in pot-limit and no-limit Texas Holdem — how they usually play, and how they play in specific situations — is the most important Texas Holdem skill. I once took a friend who didn’t play much Texas Holdem with [...]

  • Expected Utility in Texas Holdem poker
  • In other articles available on we have already discussed the expected value concept in Texas Holdem poker. If you didn’t read this article, or if you don’t remember what the expected value is, you can continue reading this article anyway …

  • Expected Utility in Texas Holdem Poker Part 2
  • Sometimes players get risk-averse even playing at their usual value and with their usual bankroll. Although in most cases it is a completely incorrect style of play, there are rare cases, when such decisions are warranted. For instance, you should be risk-averse in tournament play, where your chip stack is limited [...]

  • Know When to Fold in Fixed Limit Texas Holdem
  • First of all you should note that this Texas Holdem strategy article is only applicable to Fixed Limit Texas Holdem poker. You mustn’t use these strategies in other types of the game, since their effectiveness has no value in No-Limit and Pot-Limit Texas Holdem games. Well, let’s discuss the subject of [...]

  • Frequent mistakes of Texas Holdem players
  • This article describes some of the most frequent mistakes made by novice players and is geared towards both newbies and those, who feel that they don’t earn money they deserve. So, if you want to win at Texas Holdem and other poker games, then you must know these mistakes [...]

  • Implied and Effective Odds Explained
  • Implied Odds

    Most poker players understand that there is a mathematical element to the game that must be appreciated, even if the player does not allow his play to be dominated by mathematical ideas. Fortunately for poker players, most of the math in poker is very basic. One of the simplest, yet [...]

  • Introduction to Advanced No-Limit Texas Holdem
  • If you want to earn a lot of money playing Texas Holdem poker, then you should consider playing No-Limit variant of the game. However, you must understand that No-Limit Texas Holdem is also the toughest Holdem derivative, which demands tremendous skills and incredible patience. But don’t get scared – No-Limit [...]

  • Expected Value and Fold Equity Explained
  • Expected Value
    In the early days of poker, when guys like Doyle Brunson and T.J. Cloutier “rode the white line” looking for good poker games wherever they could get them, no one ever thought about or discussed EV, or expected value. However, that doesn’t mean those old road gamblers weren’t using it. [...]

  • How Americans Can Play Online Poker
  • When online poker first began, the large majority of players were Americans. For a long time poker was thought of as an American game, even though there have always been very strong players from England and other countries outside the U.S.
    The UIGEA and American Poker
    The online [...]

  • River Betting in Texas Holdem
  • Each player has to make a lot of serious decisions throughout the game, but there are several key points in each game, when player’s decisions are especially important. First important decision that should be made by each player is whether to play or not to play a hand preflop. However, if [...]

  • Short Tables in Texas Holdem tournaments
  • In a large Texas Holdem tournament, one of the tournament director’s jobs is to keep the tables full as much as possible. Eight or nine holdem players is considered an ideal number. (Ten holdem players is considered too many, as it promotes excessively tight play.) When a table shrinks to six [...]

  • How to select a suitable Texas Holdem game
  • Poker in general and Texas Holdem in particular require a complex set of knowledge, but certain poker variants demand advanced knowledge of certain aspects of the game. Basically, player knowledge and skills can be divided into three categories. First of all this is tactics, the basics of poker strategy [...]

  • The button, the small blind, and the big blind play in Texas Holdem
  • When everyone folds to the button in Holdem, an interesting dynamic develops between the three remaining poker players in the pot. We call this “the button, the small blind, and the big blind play”.
    The button has seen most of Texas Holdem players at the table get out, and he’ll have [...]

  • Massaging the Pot in Texas Holdem
  • The classic error that most Texas Holdem beginners make with a monster poker hand is an obvious eagerness to get all their chips in the pot. With the security of a big poker hand behind you, focus on getting your chips in the pot gradually. We call this massaging the pot, and [...]

  • How to Become a Texas Holdem Professional
  • A lot of people envy the life of winning Texas Holdem players and dream to become Holdem experts too. It is not surprising, because most people dream to dedicate most time to their favorite game, earn a lot of money, participate in world famous events and travel around the world. In fact, it is a [...]

  • Slow playing After the Flop in Texas Holdem: Candidate Hands
  • What poker hands are strong enough to slow-play after the flop in Texas Holdem?
    Full house or four of a kind. Not only are these obviously good enough to slow-play, you must slow-play them. When you flop a full house, for example, there are very few cards left in the deck that can [...]

  • Slow playing After the Flop in Texas Holdem
  • Slow-playing after the flop in Texas Holdem is much more common. In fact, we think it’s too common. Many Texas Holdem pros, perhaps trying to live up to their tricky, trappy image, overuse the slow-play concept. Our natural move is to bet good poker hands for value. When we do slow-play, we’re careful about picking [...]

  • Slow-Playing Before the Flop in Texas Holdem
  • Very few poker hands are legitimate candidates for slow-playing before the flop in Texas Holdem. You might, for instance, choose to call rather than raise with poker hand like ace-queen suited, but what you’re doing is varying your texas holdem play so your holdem opponents can’t detect your betting pattern. The same holds true with [...]

  • Slow-Playing in Texas Holdem
  • Slow-playing is just the opposite of bluffing in Texas Holdem. You have a strong poker hand, but you want to represent a weak poker hand, to lure more money into the pot. Slow-playing in Texas Holdem is a powerful trick that can either win a big pot or even knock an holdem opponent out of [...]

  • Texas Holdem Edges
  • In previous articles we have already discussed the game selection question and went over aspects and factors that help you select a poker variant suitable for both your skill level and your style of play. However, in addition to the game selection question, all poker games, including Texas Holdem poker and [...]

  • The Check-Raise and The Check-Call
  • The check-raise can be a very powerful move in Texas Holdem slow playing. Good poker players usually employ it after the flop, or in some cases, after the turn. You make a big poker hand, but instead of betting you just check, indicating that you’ve missed the flop. Your opponent bets. Now [...]

  • The Check-Raise Bluff in Texas Holdem
  • As we move into the more arcane forms of move-making in Texas Holdem, we need to mention the check-raise bluff. This operates just like a heck-raise, except that now you don’t really have poker hand at all. You’re just representing one by first checking, and then raising.
    Some of the more adventurous Texas [...]

  • Bankroll and full-time Texas Holdem play
  • The Bankroll isn’t why most Texas Holdem players fail to make the jump to full-time play.
    A lot of people think all they need is a large bankroll to start full-time Texas Holdem play. But the truth is, if you don’t have all the other aspects of Texas [...]

  • About Post-Oak Bluff in Texas Holdem
  • Doyle Brunson introduced the term “Post-Oak Bluff” for a very foul type of Texas Holdem play a player can carry out on the turn or on the river. This type of bluff is more likely to originate from the well-known old Texas road games.
    In order to get the point of Texas Holdem Post-Oak Bluff, [...]

  • If You Want Action
  • If you have an excellent poker hand like a big pocket pair or ace-king, you will usually want action. (There are some exceptions in atypical tournament situations.) If you want action, raise as much as you can get away with and still get called.

  • Short Stack Raise Sizing in Texas Holdem
  • When sizing raises with deep stacks in Texas Holdem, it is crucial to think about how big you want the eventual pot to be. That’s not so important when you have a short stack.

  • Make Smaller Raises Against Players Who Call Too Much Postflop
  • The opposite of the above tip also works out. If your holdem opponent calls too much, his mistaken calls are worse the smaller the pot is.

  • Make Bigger Raises Against Players Who Fold Too Much Postflop
  • Some players, particularly many who play medium-sized Texas Holdem games, are too timid. They fold too much. Or, more specifically, they call preflop raises liberally with marginal poker hands, but then fold to the big bets on later streets far too often. They know that big pots and big bets usually mean big hands, and, [...]

  • Make Bigger Value Raises Against Straightforward Players
  • When you raise for value in Texas Holdem (because you think your poker hand is the strongest), make bigger raises against straightforward players. Straightforward players tip you to their big poker hands earlier and more reliably. As a result, you can get away from bad situations more quickly and cheaply. Suppose you are in the [...]

  • Deep Stack Raise Sizing in Texas Holdem
  • Here’s the fundamental idea for deep stack raise sizing in Texas Holdem:

    Big raises make big pots. Small raises (and no raises) make small pots.

    Do you want to play a big pot or a small pot? The answer to that question will usually tell you how much to raise.
    Now it’s hard to know [...]